07. Maio 2019 - 9:00 até 16:00
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Leading through Uncertainty (module 4 of the Step On: Step Up programme) | Marischal College/Town House | Terça, 07. Maio 2019

Leading through Uncertainty is the last of the four modules in the Step On: Step Up Programme.  
This programme is targeted at new and existing first line managers and supervisors and seeks to provide the knowledge and skills as well as shape the attitude required to thrive as a manager and leader of people during the council's transformation to its new Target Operating Model and beyond.

What do previous attendees say about this workshop (series)?

"Excellent facilitation... engaging and empowering and provides both general coping tools and specifically directed packages for us all as individuals in our own context."

In this module, you will:

understand and appreciate the reasons behind individual reactions and responses to change and how to overcome some of these challenges

gain insights into the psychological contract and how it can get in the way of change

be clear on how your leadership style can influence the human side of change

understand how to plan and communicate change effectively

leave equipped with a range of skills and tools to more effectively support employees through change

The content of each module in the Step On: Step up programme builds on the knowledge and skills gained in the last.  To gain maximum benefit from the programme, please attend the modules in the order shown below. 
Mod 1:  Rethinking Leadership
Mod 2:  Being an Engaging Manager
Mod 3:  Creating a Performance Culture
Mod 4:  Leading through Uncertainty

Aberdeen City Council is undergoing an unprecedented period of transformation and change.  To find out how you can equip yourself and your team for the changes ahead, take a look at the Supporting you through Change programme, which details workshops, pitstops, how-to guides and more.