20. Março 2020 - 11:00 até 20:00
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Equinox Reiki Training Level 1 & 2 Combined at Avebury Henge (to Healing Practitioner level) Attunements with Worldwide Certification | The Henge Shop | Sexta, 20. Março 2020

Trained in Shamanism and Reiki to Master Level, Kubi is a teacher with 10 years of experience in energetic healing and is a member of both the International Association of Reiki Practitioners and The UK Reiki Federation. She runs 1 day training courses in Reiki level 1 and 2 combined and believes that everyone has the ability to heal others and to re-learn this once forgotten, ancient gift. For this reason, she offers this certified training day as one of the most affordable Reiki courses in the UK. 
Whether you are just looking to learn the art of energetic healing or hoping to make Reiki healing into a full time career, this course will prepare you with the skills and international certification for that journey. 
Join us for our Spring Equinox Special inside the ancient Stone Circle village of Avebury! The day will be full of sacred magic as we harness the Equinox energies from the centre of the stones for your Reiki Attubements, and learn the mystical art of energy healing from our workshop space above The Henge Shop. 

We highly reccomend that you book to stay in town the night before, to join the druids and pagans as they gather in Avebury to watch the sunset and celebrate the Equinox with a fire ceremony and drum circle inside the stone circle. It's quite a spectacular event! Just 30 mins by car down the road there is also Stone Henge, where similar celebrations will be taking place if you wanted to make a round trip of it!  

EACH PERSON WHO ATTENDS THIS COURSE WILL RECEIVE:- A physical certificate in Reiki level 1 and Reiki level 2, which will allow students to become Reiki Practitioners to heal themselves and others. Students are also able to gain membership with the International Association of Reiki Practitioners and The UK Reiki Federation, following the training if they choose to. 

- A book on Reiki to continue your practise after you've graduated from the course.
- A set of carved symbol chakra crystals and a rainbow crystal pendulum. 
- Two sacred energy attunements to heal self and others, which include a free Gong sound healing and singing bowl sound attunement
- A Cacao ceremony with essential oil aromatherapy healing/ pampering! 
- Life long contact with the Reiki Master for advice.
- Free cake and tea! 

Reiki is Japanese for ‘universal life energy', and is also a word used to describe a system of natural healing through the transference of energy in the hands. We live in a world of energy that nourishes and maintains all living things. When this energy flow is interrupted there can be a lack of balance and harmony within us and wellbeing may be hard to find. Reiki treatments can help the body emotionally or spiritually by restoring the energetic body back to health through the hands.  

(11AM - 8PM)
-Exploring Dream Analysis.
-Exploring the history of energetic healing from various cultures.
-Exploring the scientific evidence for healing, energy and the properties of water memory.
-Exploring the definitions of what Reiki is and the origins of traditional Reiki.
-Exploring the 5 Reiki Principles.
- Exploring how to channel Reiki energy.
- Meditation to connect your energy to channel Reiki energy.
- Group nature Mandala project with guided chakra meditation and art therapy to self heal before healing others.

-Attunement ceremony 1 including a sound healing using singing bowls and a Gong 'bath'.
-Exploring how to feel your own energy, plant energy and the energy of others.
-Exploring how to give Reiki to: Food and water, the planet, worldly events and plants.
-Exploring the Reiki hand positions.
-Exploring techniques to self heal, protect and how to give yourself an energy boost using Reiki.
-Using Reiki energy to help manifest dreams and goals/ understanding the law of attraction.
-Guided meditation to create a mental healing space.
-Exploring Long distance Reiki

- Second Reiki Attunment including Chakra healing, Aromatherpy and a Cacao ceremony (A Chocolate-based drink which the Atzecs believed was the drink of the Gods!) 

-Exploring the Reiki symbols.
- Exploring Human anatomy and energy.
-Exploring Chakra Crystals for healing.
-Guided meditation to meet your Reiki Guides and to open up third eye abilities.
-Exploring past life energy attachments, the Akashic Records, and energetic chords.
- Channelling using oracle cards.
-Exploring healing your own timeline with Reiki using Astral Projection.
-How to set up the perfect treatment room.
-Developing counselling skills to speak to your clients.
-Step by Step; How to turn Reiki Healing into a full time Career.

Have a vegetarian diet.
Meditate daily for 10 minutes after waking up and before going to sleep.
Avoid alcohol, caffine and drugs.
Write down all dreams in a dream diary for one week before. (Bring these with you to training).
Increase daily water intake.

-A bottle of water.
-A mug for the Cacao ceremony.
-A bag of things you can contribute to making patterns for the nature mandala- such as leaves, crystals, flowers, conkers, or fruit.
- A yoga mat, pillow, and any bedding/ blankets to allow you to practise on comfortably.
- Lunch money or packed lunch.
-Your dream diary.
-Any remaining money left to pay for your place on the course.

"I had such a fun day being attuned to heal with Reiki! The Reiki treatment room was beautiful and the course felt so sacred. I think those on the course will be friends for life. :) "
Lorna D, aged 25

" What can I say? It's 6 months on since I completed this course and with all the passed over knowledge and step by step guidance, I can now happily say I have set up my business as a Reiki Healer and have never been more satisfied with life."
Issac (last name unknown), aged 56

"Kubi has such infectious positive energy, that everyone was simply buzzing from the attunements and this excitement and ability to feel energy hasn't really ever left me since."
Joanne S, aged 47

"What a fantastic course! We all came away with so much knowledge about so many different aspects of Reiki and energy healing. Great value for money- especially with all the freebies! Would highly recommend."
Isaac G, aged 32

For information about the Reiki teacher, Kubi May, please head over to:
Please feel free to contact Kubi on 07986460011, to ask any questions about the course.

TO BOOK A PLACE : Please note that the full cost of the course is £300, (or £250/ £50 discount when you book with a friend). The fee of £100 is for the deposit only. The remaining £200/ £150 will be expected on the day of the event in cash please. Please contact Kubi May once you have paid the deposit so you can be sent your starter pack : earthtribetherapies@gmail.com