13. Agosto 2019 - 19:00 até 21:00
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AI and Machine Learning Applied to Product Management | Belo Horizonte | Terça, 13. Agosto 2019

Since Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have broken out the market, and the amount of data available is really big, why not join these things to help de Product Manager to create or make products bigger? In this event, we're gonna talk about how AI and ML can help the Product Manager to find key items to evolve it's products or find new desires of its market that need the same product to apply. Marcus Borba is a big reference using AI and ML in multiples markets and now is CTO of a startup that provides services and teaches companies to answer their questions through AI and ML. Join us at Product School event in Belo Horizonte to learn more!
Meet the Speaker: Marcus Borba

Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Big Data, Analytics and BI Global Influencer | BBBT Member | Consultant
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