20. Fevereiro 2020 - 13:00 até 14:30
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ABC Learning Design Workshop for Curriculum Development (Lanarkshire) | Lanarkshire Campus, University of the West of Scotland (UWS) | Quinta, 20. Fevereiro 2020

Create a new module or programme in 90 minutes.
This innovative approach to curriculum design helps time-pressured academics create effective blended and online courses. Run by Dr Suzy Houston of the School of Health and Life Sciences, this 90-minute workshop provides a hands-on introduction to the ABC Learning Design toolkit designed by University College London. Participants will use the toolkit to create a visual storyboard of a new module or programme which outlines the different learning activities, both online and offline, to be included. Come prepared with a module or programme which you'd like to redesign or bring your own ideas for a new module, then see what you can achieve in 90 minutes using ABC Learning Design.
ABC used to stand for "Arena Blended Connected" because it was linked to UCL's "Connected Curriculum", but it has since dropped the acronym as the toolkit is now being used in universities across Europe. There's more information about ABC Learning Design on the toolkit blog.

[Image shows a series of coloured cards – aqua, red, blue, yellow, purple and green – laid out in grid fashion on a sheet of shiny paper sitting on a wooden table.]