13. Novembro 2019 - 15:00 até 18:00
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Regenerative Leadership for an Emergent World | Brighthelm Centre | Quarta, 13. Novembro 2019

What kind of leadership is needed in a complex world?  Where can we find the inspiration, qualities and skills that guide us to create a regenerative world; the world we so deeply want and need instead of the degenerative, divisive world that daily surrounds us?
What is regenerative leadership for each of us?
Join us for a creative conversation and exploration of the qualities and practices of regenerative leadership. How we can activate leadership inspired by the principles of feminine psychology and nature for people actively seeking to change systems and bring conversation and collaboration in place of competition?
Why do we need it now? What are the qualities and practices we see in ourselves and want to foster?  Can we start to name the qualities in ourselves that we prize and know help us in our task of leading change? Can we start to bring a new language into being that describes the kind of collaboration that Earth is calling for now? How can we embody and help to create the conditions that are conducive to life?
If you are involved in stewarding change in any way; as an activist, an employee, a CEO or a community member, this exploration is for you.  If you are curious about what nature, feminine psychology and mythology have to share with us about leadership in the 21st century, this is for you.  If you want to bring the unique qualities you have to bear on midwifing a brighter future, this is for you.
PRICE: We are charging a small fee to cover the cost of room hire.