13. Fevereiro 2020 - 19:00
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Shakespeare by the Lakes III (2020)- Donations and Event Placeholder | Glebe Park | Quinta, 13. Fevereiro 2020

Expect announcements about the 2020 season from August 2019. Showtimes are most likely to be in the date range specified for this listing. How many shows we do (we'd love to do more) is up to sponsorships/partnerships. Until they come in we can't lock anything in, which is why we didn't annouce the full details of our season until quite late in 2018.

Thank you for all the great feedback on the 2019 performance of Twelfth Night. It is far from easy to hold the attention of a large, outdoor audience. It was no fluke. We engaged an accomplished director and were blessed by some of Canberra's finest actors signing up. And they delivered. We need ongoing and further support and encouragement to produce high-quality Shakespeare.
All donations are welcome and will enable us to kick-start 2020. 
We have set a threshold of $55 above which donors acheive the status of 'Mate of Shakespeare by the Lakes'.
Mates of Shakespeare by the Lakes
Everyone needs friends and every non-profit group striving to present free, high quality productions of William Shakespeare's plays, every year, needs mates. Shakespeare by the Lakes 2019 needs mates. We need you.
While your donation won't be tax deductible you will be 'escorted up the red carpet' and added to our 'Mates' mailing list to receive updates throughout year of how the new production is coming along, as well as being invited to key events, such as the announcement of our play for 2020 and the launch of our season in late 2020. You are an important part of our journey which we will walk together.
Financial matters
Our company is not driven by any profit motive. We want to make high-quality Shakespeare, accessible.
We (the producers) will spend your money on the production and keep overhead costs to a minimum, absorbing most of them ourselves. We put on high quality performances but run 'no-frills' events. This enables us to maximise the number of shows we can deliver and ensure quality by honouring our creatives. The latter is important because as an independent, professionally-minded company we hold that creatives, artists and production specialists should be financially rewarded for their efforts, whenever we can afford it. Our economics need to rise to that.
In the unlikely event that corporate and government sponsorship does NOT allow us to deliver a 2020 event (this is a risk every year), any outstanding monies would be carried over to support the next year's event. We will keep you and the general public informed periodically of our progress on both Eventbrite and Facebook (www.facebook.com.au\lakespeare).
Thanks for your support,
Taimus Werner-Gibbings, Dr Duncan Driver, Lexi Sekuless and Paul Leverenz
(Plus a team of about 30 committed volunteers who made this all possible)