29. Agosto 2019 - 9:00 até 15:00
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Advanced Writing Training | Advanced Writing Training | Quinta, 29. Agosto 2019

Advanced Writing Training: Enhancing Your Business Writing
This Advanced Writing Training session can be custom designed to fit your employees and industry. Pictures, questions and content will all be modified to match training requirements and goals. Contact our staff for more details.This Advanced Writing Training is great for those employers who want to take their workers writing skills to the next level. Perfect for those who are in a role that needs writing or communicating via documentation. Improve writing skills and improve performance. Training and workshops available in Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Parramatta, Adelaide, Canberra
Aims for the Advanced Writing TrainingThis session will help you teach workers how to:Describe their writing challengesMake their writing clear, concise, and correctBoost sentence structure and paragraph developmentIdentify ways to make their composing simpler and easier to readUse the readability indexDevelop effective business letters for tough situationsUse proper e-mail etiquetteCreate an appropriate writing style and format for letters, business cases, and reportsUse standard ways of documenting material
Advanced Writing Training SummaryExcellent writing skills and the way you approach documentations and emails show professionalism, strong aptitude and intellectualism. Make a real impression on your fellow work colleagues with your eloquent writing skills.This is an one-day session for those who already are good writers. Our time will be dedicated to writing letters of recommendation, of persuasion, of refusal or of actions, that reflect current word usage and up-to-date formats. You can even become more skilled at writing business cases, proposals and reports, and find out a bit more about email etiquette.