21. Novembro 2019 - 20:00 até 21:00
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Feel Good Function Well: Plant the Seed (121 Coaching) | Quinta, 21. Novembro 2019

Improving self-awareness is a great way to assess what is important to you and why you may behave in certain ways. Plant the Seed involves an intensive 1 hour coaching session focussed on your personality profile and therefore aligned to the ‘Connect with Yourself’ pillar of RAW (https://www.lordenelearning.co.uk/raw).  Prior to meeting you will complete an online Identity personality questionnaire. Self-leadership lies at the heart of the session so that you can better understand your behaviour and be accountable for your actions. We will use the personality profile to explore what this means for you and if there are any goals that you would like to set.
Identity is a self-perception questionnaire which looks at three main areas: 1) Interpersonal 2) Thinking 3) Coping styles.  It has been assessed by, and registered with, the British Psychological Society Psychological Testing Centre and I am fully qualified to be able to interpret people’s responses. In fact, only those that are qualified can purchase licenses.
It gives you a comprehensive report plus an insight into Leadership and Team preferences, Jungian Type, Emotional Focus and Learning Styles.  From this we can also explore your primary colour energy and what this means for you.  Whilst this profiling tool was developed for the workplace, I find that it gives useful insights into your personal life too. 
The cost for Plant the Seed is £125 and includes:
Identity licence
Completion of online questionnaire (you to complete)
Analysis of your profile and preparation for 1:1 coaching (me to complete)
An electronic copy of your report
1 hour of online 1:1 coaching to explore your responses

Other coaching packages are available and other dates and times can be arranged for 'Plant the Seed'.  Please look at https://www.lordenelearning.co.uk/ for more details or contact lordenelearning@yahoo.com 
1 ticket is available for each event as this is for online 121 Coaching.  All events close 7 days before to ensure there is sufficent time for you to complete the online questionnaire and for me to analyse your report.