16. Março 2020 - 9:30 até 16:30
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Introduction to Business Objects - March | Learning Centre, Gyle Square, | Segunda, 16. Março 2020

Training for NSS National Services Scotland Public Health and Intelligence Employees Only. 
Business Objects (Introduction)
This internal one day course covers Business Objects at an introductory level. It is designed to give new Business Objects users the comprehensive skills needed to create, analyse, and share documents.
Introduction to Business Objects
Course Content
1. Introducing Web Intelligence
Accessing corporate information with Web Intelligence.
Understanding the processes and core functionality of Web Intelligence.
2. Getting Started with InView
Setting general preferences.
Managing documents in InfoView.
Viewing a Web Intelligence document in InfoView.
Sharing documents.
3. Viewing Documents in InView
Setting viewing preferences.
Viewing non-Business Objects documents.
Refreshing and scheduling documents.
4. Creating Web Intelligence Documents
Getting new data with Web Intelligence.
Creating a new Web Intelligence document.
Working with query properties.
Modifying a document query.
5. Restricting Data Returned by a Query
Modifying a query with a predefined query filter.
Applying a single-value query filter.
Using prompts to restrict data.
Using complex filters.
6. Displaying Information
Working in the Java Report Panel.
Displaying data in tables and charts.
7. Enhancing the Presentation of Reports
Using breaks, calculations, sorts and report filters.
Using alerters to highlight information.
Organising a report into sections.
Copying data to other applications.
8. Formatting Reports
Working in the Java Report Panel
Displaying data in tables and charts
9. Creating Formulas and Variables
Using Formulas and variables in the Java Report Panel
Trainer – Gerry Mulvenna

Date: 16/03/2020
Venue: Learning Centre, Gyle
Time: 09:30-16:30

Also, please can you ensure that you inform your line manager and work manager that you have confirmed your attendance on this course date.
 Thank You
PHI Staff Development Team