27. Agosto 2020 - 19:30
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Lifewell Conference 2020 SHALOM | | Quinta, 27. Agosto 2020

The concept of Shalom is central in both the Hebrew and Christian scriptures, and is a key aspect of God's vision for the world. Shalom can be seen right from the act of creation, through the story of the people of Israel, to the lives of the prophets, the life and death of Jesus, and into our imaginings of the future of God's kingdom.
Although most often translated as "peace", the biblical vision of Shalom is far richer. It expresses God's vision for a society marked by justice for all, universal well-being, and whole, right relationships.
Lifewell Conference 2020 will equip you to find and experience God's Shalom and to extend his Shalom into the world.