12. Dezembro 2019 - 9:00 até 19:00
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The Christmas Lunch project Volunteer Registration | The Christmas Storehouse | Quinta, 12. Dezembro 2019

Volunteers are welcome to join us to serve the community.  Feel free to join us for part of the day.  No young children or babies are allowed for Heath and Safety reasons
12th December is dedicated to counting all of the food that has been collected.
20th December is dedicated to packing all of the food that has been collected.
21st December is dedicated to delivering the food to families within a small postcode area. All volunteers will be given 5 hampers to deliver within a postcode area. Hampers can be delivered anytime between 1.00pm and 7pm. Hampers must be collected before 2pm.  All volunteers will be contacted during the first week of December.
Feel free to register to volunteer for more than one day. The project team are eternally grateful for your support.