19. Janeiro 2020 - 17:00 até 18:30
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Voicercise Winter Production 2019 | Dunedin Arts Foundation | Domingo, 19. Janeiro 2020

3 times a year, our studio gives our advanced students a venue to showcase the professional skillset they have acquired from hard discipline and perseverance. Some sing covers, some original songs, and some accompany themselves by piano or guitar, depending on their personal sound as an artist. 
One thing is for sure, Our Voicercise Productions are not a place for novice singers by any stretch of the imagination. Prepare to be throughly entertained with the excellence each these awesome performers have diligently worked on perfecting just for you!
Here at Voicercise, we know that  audience and support is the biggest thing driving up, as well as the ability and desire for many of our students to understand the music business and gain the skillset and opportunity to grow into professionals.
We know supporting artist, whether family or friends can be a lot of dedication too! We can't wait to help them become the starts they are meant to be. 
Sunday Jan 19 20201134 Douglas Aveat 5 o'clock pm.
We'll see you then!