11. Setembro 2019 - 9:00 até 15:00
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EFR Instructor Trainer Course - Sydney, Australia | PADI Asia Pacific | Quarta, 11. Setembro 2019

 Welcome to the Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer Course!
Course Prerequisites
To be eligible to participate in the Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer Practical Session, you must meet the following requirements:

Be a Teaching Status Emergency First Response Primary Care/Secondary Care and Care for Children Instructor
Have issued 25 Course Completion Authorization cards OR taught at least 5 separate Emergency First Response courses
Have no verified Quality Assurance cases on file within the past 12 months

Participation in the Practical Session will not be allowed, unless the above prerequisites have been met prior to the Practical Session.
 Course Overview
The course has two main parts – knowledge development and practical training. If the above prerequisites have been met, register via the Eventbrite portal.
Knowledge Development:
1)      Watch the three curriculum presentations online (60 minutes total runtime).
2)      Next, complete the Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer Self Study Knowledge Review (after downloading the Knowledge Review and the EFR Instructor Trainer Guide from the link provided after registration)
3)      Prepare a brief marketing plan outlining how you will market Emergency First Response provider and instructor training in your area (SWOT analysis).
Practical Training:
1)      After completing the 3 points above you can attend an Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer Course Practical Session.
2)      During the practical session, Emergency First Response staff will go over the questions on the Self Study Knowledge Review.
3)      You will also review and demonstrate critical EFR skills.
4)      A marketing workshop will involve presenting and discussing your marketing plan, which you should print out and provide to the EFR IT presenter.
5)      You need to successfully complete the Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer Exam.
Upon successful completion of all the course requirements, your Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer application will be processed.
After registration you will receive information on how to access the online portion of the programme and we will concurrently verify that you meet the course prerequisites. For more information, please contact PADI Asia Pacific Instructor Development via email:instdev@padi.com.au or telephone +61294542853.
The EFR Instructor Trainer Course fee of AUD 710.- includes the following:
1. Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer  Guide (available for download online)
2. Emergency First Response Instructor Course Lesson Guides (available for download online)
3. Emergency-Care-At-A-Glance Card
4. Online Study Components
5. EFR Instructor Course Exam #71850
6. EFR Instructor Trainer Application fee