09. Outubro 2019 - 13:00 até 16:00
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How To Make Sure You Get Paid Every Month - Oct | Croft Myl | Quarta, 09. Outubro 2019

Have you ever felt your cash flow was out of control? There never seems to be enough to pay all the bills, let alone have enough to pay yourself. Is finance and cash flow a daily headache?
It is funny isn’t it when we set up our business we never expected to end up earning less than we did when we were employed. But, that is the reality for many small business owners.
If any of the above sounds familiar, don’t worry you are not alone.
Eighteen months ago I found myself in that same situation. I was asking myself if it was really worth it. I was fed up of struggling to pay the bills and the staff wages. I was fed up of hearing myself say that my claim to fame was that my staff had always been paid, even if I hadn’t. Something had to change.
Now eighteen months later I not only pay all my bills and wages but I get paid well too.
Judith will be sharing with us an overview of the system she developed that made this happen.