17. Dezembro 2019 - 9:00 até 17:00
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Data Science Workshop by a Silicon Valley Expert | ASEAN Data Analytics eXchange (ADAX) | Terça, 17. Dezembro 2019

Companies in all industries are quickly finding that their top line and bottom line growth are under threat due to the velocity of technological innovation. Successful companies are now using data science as the new way to gain a competitive edge. Whether it's through better decision making using state of the art business intelligence or personalization of the customer product and experience, data science is becoming the differentiator. However, it is still the case where over 90% of data science projects don't make a business impact. This workshop is intended to give the audience a glimpse into what is needed for a company to successfully embrace the data science revolution.
This one day HRDF claimable workshop covers 3 activities:

Intro to key data science concepts using real world business problems.
Industry best practices for a successful data science organization.
Application of these concepts in a case study project.

The class discussions will span use cases in Ecommerce (e.g. recommendations, promotion targeting), marketing (e.g. Lifetime Value prediction, forecasting, sales lead targeting), finance (e.g. equities trading, pricing) and business intelligence (e.g. KPI dashboards), modern production data engineering architectures and machine learning techniques that are heavily used in industry. You will also have a unique opportunity to discuss your specific data challenges whether it be how to progress in a data science career, build a data driven organization or on how to solve a specific use case, with an experienced data scientist. The class material will be a mixture of hands-on examples (in a Ipython notebook), slides, team project and interactive discussions.

This workshop would benefit anyone who is in the analytics and data science space but specifically:

VP of Marketing/Data Science/Analytics
Banking/Finance VP's
Data Scientists
Sales/Marketing Professionals
MBA/Analytics Students

To do this workshop, it is recommended that you have basic experience in data analytics. Most importantly, you are convinced of the need for data science as the lifeblood for your company. Students are welcome as well as you may gain a deep insight of what the industry requires for you to have a successful data science career.
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Brought to you by On-Target , this one-day HRDF Claimable workshop has the following agenda :



9am - 9.30am

Registration + Breakfast (provided)

9.30am - 10am

Greetings + Intros + Workshop overview

10am - 11.30am

Intro to data science fundamentals. Statistics, Machine Learning
Key data science tools and live examples of solving challenge problems
What is Data Science in the form of industry case studies
Upcoming Trends in the Industry

11.30am - 12pm

Applications for Marketing Effectiveness Studies - Salim Khubchandani

12pm - 1pm

Lunch (provided)

1pm - 2pm

Visualization, Experimentation and Telling a Data Story

2pm - 3pm

Productionizing Data Science
Modern Data Engineering Architectures for Batch and Real Time ML

3pm - 4pm

Tea break (provided)
Team Project: Solve a Real World Data Science Business Problem

4pm - 4.30pm

Ingredients for a successful data project
How to have a successful data scientist career path

4.30pm - Close

Q&A. Lets solve your business problems

Instructor Bio: Sri Kanajan is flying in from Silicon Valley where he is currently a Senior Data Scientist at Uber working on causal inference machine learning. Prior to that he was a Vice President at Goldman Sachs. He has also managed engineering teams in the medical device and automotive space. He also served as the Lead Instructor at General Assembly's part time evening data science class in NYC and SF between 2016 and 2018. Linkedin 
This workshop will give the attendee a unique opportunity to spend the day with a seasoned practitioner data scientist.
Caveats: The level of detail of the class material will depend on the participants. If there are specific area's that more detail is required, e.g. the math, code example, custom solution, we can discuss that outside of the context of the class. The goal is to illustrate the concepts using real world business problems vs. a theoretical treatment.