24. Outubro 2019 - 19:30 até 21:30
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GLOBAL HEALING THROUGH OPERATION PRAYER POWER | The Aetherius Temple | Quinta, 24. Outubro 2019

Send out vital spiritual energy to the world, to those areas hit by natural disasters or in the midst of conflict, and to those selfless human beings who are helping to bring aid and relief to such areas. Help raise yourself and the consciousness of humanity bringing peace, love and healing to the world.  Using dynamic prayer and eastern mantras, we invoke and store prayer energy in a specially designed spiritual energy power battery. This is later released in a concentrated form to help bring about ecological balance and relief from suffering upon our planet.  Experience this New Yoga for a New Age – Operation Prayer Power. Help bring about upliftment and healing to our suffering world in a very potent and dynamic way.
Newcomers - please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to start time so you can be properly welcomed and introduced to this event. 
This is an active experiential event, rather than a meditation activity. Newcomers are initially asked to observe and experience only. After a few observation sessions, you can participate fully if you wish and you will need to be initiated into the mantras used in this activity. Learn more about Operation Prayer Power. Open to all and free of charge - donations welcome. MOST THURSDAYS 7.45pm & SOME SUNDAYS 2:15pm at THE AETHERIUS TEMPLE, 36 KELVEDON ROAD, LONDON SW6 5BW.
View London schedule https://www.aetherius.org/locations/london/services-and-operation-prayer-power/
If no centre near you, join in with our weekly live online prayer services https://12blessings.org/live-services/ 
Tel: 020 7736 4187, email: events@aetherius.co.uk