11. Março 2020 - 8:30 até 17:30
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Queen Square Movement Disorders Centre Inaugural Symposium | 33 Queen Square Lecture Theatre | Quarta, 11. Março 2020

The UCL Queen Square Movement Disorders Centre (MDC) will be holding its Inaugural Symposium and official launch on 11 March 2020 at 33 Queen Square.
The symposium will bring together a large number of UCL and international Movement Disorders experts discussing new developments in basic science, clinical research, trials and new research opportunities. The aim of the conference is to highlight recent discoveries and promising pathways for a better understanding and treatment of movement disorders.

For more information visit the symposium's webpage: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/ion/events/2020/mar/ucl-ion-movement-disorders-centre-inaugural-symposium-launch-ucl-movement-disorders

The synposium is free but registration is required.
For any questions about the symposium, please contact the MDC Coordinator: movementdisorders@ucl.ac.uk

Tentative Event Programme:
8.30               Registration (coffee/tea)9.00               Opening addresses: Prof Michael Arthur – UCL Provost, Prof Alan Thompson – Dean of the UCL Faculty of Brain Sciences, Dr. Sonia Gandhi - MDC Introduction9.30 - 10.50   Session 1: Genetics (Chair: John Hardy)9.30 - 10.05   Plenary presentation: Prof. Alexis Brice, Director General of the Brain & Spine Institute (ICM), Paris, France – “Monogenic forms of PD and what we learned from their identification”10.05 - 10.20   Prof. Nick Wood – Title TBD (genetics in movement disorders)10.20 - 10.35   Dr. Mina Ryten, UCL IoN Department of Neurodegenerative Disease – “Applying bioinformatics tools to understand disease mechanisms from genetics findings”10.35 - 10.50   Prof. Kailash Bhatia - Title TBD10.50 - 11.15   Break11.15 - 12.40   Session 2: Epidemiology, biomarkers and clinical evolution of Parkinson’s disease (Chair: Roger Barker)11.15 - 11.40   Prof. Yoav Ben-Shlomo, University of Bristol - Title TBD (Parkinson’s epidemiology)11.40 - 11.55   Prof. Anette Schrag – “The Parkinson’s prodrome and the PREDICT-PD study”11.55 - 12.10   Dr. Chris Lambert – “Advanced anatomical imaging in early Parkinson's disease: The qMAP-PD study”12.10 - 12.25   Dr. Rimona Weil – “Early detection of dementia in Parkinson’s disease”12.25 - 12.40   Prof. Huw Morris – “Atypical parkinsonisms: biomarkers and potential new treatments”12.40 - 13.00   The Michael J. Fox Foundation's Edmond J. Safra Fellow in Movement DisordersDr. Eoin Mulroy – “Optimizing outcomes of DBS in dystonia”13.00 - 14.00   Lunch break14.00 - 15.35   Session 3: cellular mechanisms of disease (Chair: Nick Wood)14.00 - 14.25   Prof. Richard Wade-Martins, University of Oxford – “What we have learned about disease mechanisms by studying Parkinson’s patient iPSC-derived neurons”14.25 - 14.40   Prof. Tom Warner – “Transcriptomics in dystonia”14.40 - 14.55   Dr. Sonia Gandhi - Title TBD14.55 - 15.20   Prof. Miratul Muqit, University of Dundee – ”Decoding mitochondrial signalling pathways in Parkinson's disease”15.20 - 15.35   Prof. Tony Schapira – Title TBD (GBA pathways and treatments in Parkinson’s)15.35 - 15.55   Break15.55 - 16.55   Session 4: Trials and therapies15.55 - 16.20   Prof. Roger Barker, University of Cambridge – “Repairing the Parkinsonian brain- where are we?”16.20 - 16.35   Prof. Ludvic Zrinzo – Title TBD (DBS for movement disorders)16.35 - 16.55   Prof. Tom Foltynie – “Overview of MDC clinical trials: disease modifying & symptomatic treatments”16.55 - 17.30   Plenary presentation: Prof. Patrick Brundin, Director of the Center for Neurodegenerative Science, Van Andel Institute