10. Agosto 2017 - 17:00
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裝置體驗劇場《歲月.童.聲》| Installation Theatre - "Echoes of our Childhood" | 澳門文化中心 Centro Cultural de Macau | Quinta, 10. Agosto 2017

裝置體驗劇場《歲月.童.聲》| Installation Theatre - "Echoes of our Childhood"

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Macao Cultural Centre

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歡迎來進入神秘通道,看看裡面有沒有你熟悉的童年景物:從煮飯仔玩具、洋娃娃、大鐵人、卡式錄音帶、閃卡、飛行棋,到「打波先嚟落雨」、「轉身射個三分波」等耳熟能詳的電視廣告,滿載不同年代的「經典」。也許時代發展太快,舊事、舊物都敵不過時光而被淘汰,想不想來一趟回到過去?與身邊摯愛回味你嘅good old days!

聯合創作:陳詩琪 陳智青 紀柏豪



Talking Toys

Let your young kids wander through a magical place full of touching memories, from toys and old text books to cassette recorders and games, sharing your nostalgic yesteryears with them! “Echoes of our Childhood” merges dance, sound effects and installation, offering the whole family something closer to a real life adventure rather than a dance theatre play. Responding to beeps and noises, dancers will move amongst the audience, mesmerized by the ‘antique’ gadgets. This will not be a usual day.

Co-creators: Chan Si Kei, Chan Chi Cheng, Chi Po Hao
Choreographer/Dancer: Chan Chi Cheng
Sound Design: Chi Po Hao

-Duration: Approximately 45 minutes, without intermission.
-Best for aged 5 or above.
-For further details on the programme and discounts scheme, please visit CCM website.
-The organizer reserves the right to alter the programme and/or performers.