05. Julho 2020 - 11:30 até 12:30
Dulwich Hill Skatepark Hercules St Dulwich Hill, NSW 2203, Marrickville
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Skate Mentoring Progression Session - Dulwich Hill | Domingo, 05. Julho 2020

Totem will be hosting a small group session for intermediate skaters these Winter school holidays at Dulwich Hill Skatepark.

Our Mentoring Progression Session is based on improving your skate skills and focuses your attention on key areas to progress your skateboarding safety while getting the most out of your environment. It is perfect for participants that can comfortably skate and are starting to push the boundaries of new tricks such as ollies, drop in’s, heelflips, kickflips, grinds, boardslides, etc.

Workshops are focused on inclusion, participation, and confidence building while incorporating the fundamental movement skills considered to be the building blocks for movement.

We believe in ‘having a go’ so participants are encouraged to go at their own pace under the guidance of our coaches. By combining both the physical and creative elements of skateboarding, Totem gives children the opportunity to try out and practice a wide and unique variety of experiences to build self-esteem in a fun and supported environment.

What students will learn:

-Skateboard related stretches

-Skate etiquette - footpath and Skatepark navigation/rules refresh

-What makes a safe skating environment

-How to make safe decisions while skateboarding

-Maintaining your equipment

-The progression of tricks and how to get the most out of your environment


11:00 am to 12:00 pm Intermediate SESSION

Equipment Provided: Professional grade safety gear, helmets, and skateboards are provided at the workshop.

Bookings are essential. Register now to get your ticket.

Don't forget to fill out the online Waiver form after you book your spot. You cannot start skating in a session without it.


Q. How do I know which session to register for?

A. Our beginner session is designed for those that want to learn or get more comfortable with standing on a skateboard, pushing or riding around, and turning their board.

Our intermediate session is more focused towards those that are comfortable skating on a skateboard, want to learn some basic level tricks, and practice going down ramps at the skatepark.

We ask you to only register for the session that is suitable for your ability. That way the session is run to cater for everyone and nobody gets left behind.

Q. Is there a minimum or maximum age requirement to enter the event?

A. Yes, the participant must be 5 years old. And there is no maximum age.

Q. What do I need to bring to the event?

A. Your ticket, a hat and water bottle. We supply all necessary equipment for our sessions (skateboard, helmet, and safety pads). However, feel free to bring along your own board or helmet so the coaches can do a quick safety check!

Q. Do I need to fill out a waiver form?

A. Yes, you need to complete a waiver form before you can start skating in a workshop session. You must do so every time you register for an event. To fill out the form digitally prior to the event head to our website homepage and click on the Registration: Online Waiver Form banner.

Q. What do I do if I have registered for an event and can't make it anymore?

A. If you have registered for an event and can't make it anymore, we ask that you cancel your ticket through Eventbrite. We often sell out and people are then put onto a waitlist. If you cancel your ticket it means someone else can come to the event. If you are having difficulty canceling your ticket please contact us at email

Q. How about if it looks like rain?

A. If it looks like it's going to rain, you will be sent an event update email as soon as possible. Sorry, but we can't skate in the rain!

For any other questions or enquiries you can email us at email