27. Agosto 2019 - 18:00 até 20:00
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Instagram for Business Workshop - Yarrawonga | Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort | Terça, 27. Agosto 2019

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform, there's no denying that in 2019 and in 2019, whether you're serviced based or retail based, it's a platform you need to explore.  
9 million Aussies are on Instagram – of that 9 mil – 57% are men, 42% are women (as of May this year). 75% of users are between 18-44 years old and the biggest demographic of 32% is between 25-34.  So, if you’re target market falls into any of those stats – this is the workshop for you!
It's time to get social on social!
There's something in this workshop for everyone.  If you are a beginner, come along, if you are a seasoned Instagram user, come along or even somewhere in between.
In this two-hour workshop, the first hour will cover:
1. Instagram basics - getting your profile branded and captioned correctly  – it’s your opportunity to tell how your brand can help those searching
2. We'll look at your CTA (call-to-action), the use of hashtags in your bio and where you link is going and where it SHOULD be going
3. Hashtag research and how to use them for get the Instagram advantage for your business, and
4. Captioning: what to write and how often to write
In the second hour will be cover design - because Instagram is a visual platform - design is so important!
We will cover:
5. Your grid and how to make it visually appealing (and why it needs to be); we'll look at tools such as Canva, Creative Market and Unsplash to help you achieve this, and lastly,
6. We will cover off Instagram Stories, their growth and importance in your Instagram marketing strategy.
So, come along, network with like-minded business owners and learn what you need to know to get social on this highly visual platform.
What to bring::
Bring along your laptop or mobile device if you want to do things as we go along on the evening, bring your "A" game and your will to learn new things!
Pens and workbook will be provided.
A Little About Your Host:
Your workshop host for the evening is Jenn Donovan from Social Media and Marketing Australia. From law to retail to social media and marketing, Jenn lives, breathes and dreams social media and marketing!
Jenn is a local and she runs a highly successful social media and marketing business teaching small business owners across the states how to be more profitable and how to harness the power of marketing strategies (online and offline). If you want to get to know Jenn a little before the night, you’ll find her podcasting every week on the Small Business Made Simple Podcast.
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Got Questions:
No drama, just send me a DM on Instagram (I'm at @smallbusinessmadesimple) or email jenn@jenndonovan.com.au
PS - snacks will be provided, including tea and coffee