27. Maio 2020 - 11:00 até 13:00
Online, Online
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Corrado Roversi (Bologna): In Defence of Constitutive Rules | Quarta, 27. Maio 2020

The Surrey Centre for Law and Philosophy is pleased to invite you to an online Hart Seminar by Corrado Roversi (Bologna)

About this Event

Corrado is developing an argument in defence of constitutive rules and hopes to use the seminar as a 'brainstorm and banter' session in pursuit of that development. Hence there will not be a pre-circulated paper.

The notion of constitutive rules is used extensively by Searle, Rawls (who called them 'practice rules'), and other theorists of institutions, usually in contrast with regulative rules. As one SCLP fellow has explained the distinction, 'Constitutive rules specify the contours of an activity or institution, bringing it into existence and differentiating it from other areas of human endeavor. Regulative rules ... determine how the activity or institution is to operate.' While many of these theorists will note that rules can perform both functions at once, Raz influentially attacked the distinction itself in Practical Reasons and Norms (pp 108-11 of the 1975 edition).

This seminar is part of our Hart Seminar Series, which features a diverse group of leading scholars working at the intersection of law and philosophy. Hart Publishing contributes generous support to make the seminar series possible.