10. Fevereiro 2020 - 19:00 até 21:30
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Tick Tock It's Wedding O'Clock - wedding rehearsal evening | Pillo Hotel Ashbourne | Segunda, 10. Fevereiro 2020

If you don't have a wedding rehearsal BEFORE the Big Day, you do it ON the Big Day
Gemma and Doug attended a wedding rehearsal evening and realised this at the event. Listen to their testimonial here http://bit.ly/GemmandDoug
Make sure your wedding ceremony does not fade into the blur of other ceremonies your guests have been at!
Have you ever wondered why you remember some wedding ceremonies, while others fade into a blur of all the weddings you have attended?  I have been a celebrant since 2011 and have performed over 600 hundred ceremonies and I can help you have that unique ceremony that will be talked about for years to come for all the 
RIGHT reasons.

Who is this for?
Primairly the discerning couple who want to make sure they attend to all the details of their big day so that it all runs smoothly and effortlessly by giving this 2 and a half hours of prep before the big day.
If you are three to six months away from your wedding date then this is the perfect time to start drilling down into the detail you need to make a plan for on the day itself.
Who am I?
My name is Sandra Losty. I have performed over 600 weding ceremonies and I welcome you to "Tick Tock It's Wedding O'Clock" wedding rehearsal evening where I take you through all the elements that will make your ceremony stand out from all the rest. 
Why do you need to attend?
Putting a wedding rehearsal in as part of your planning is just as important as having hair and make-up trials. You would not wait until the big day to see how you will look and hope it will be what you want. The wedding rehearsal is just that for your ceremony. Making sure you and your wedding party know what to do and when to do takes the stress out if all for you.
What is a wedding rehearsal evening?
It does excatly what is says on the tin. You rehearse your wedding. 
This wedding rehearsal evening is the culmination of all that experience packed into one evening so you can learn all the do's and don'ts in one place. If it can go wrong I have seen it and have had to address it before the ceremony startedso you will get all the tips and tricks to make sure it doesn't happen to you on your wedding day.
The clock is ticking on the count down to your big day and I would love to help you have the best day ever with all this knowledge and experience.