18. Dezembro 2019 - 8:30
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Level 2 OHC Course (Saskatoon Dec 18 & 19, 2019) | WCB Saskatoon Office | Quarta, 18. Dezembro 2019

We are transitioning to a paperless delivery model, beginning with using electronic versions of the Act and Regulations in the classroom.Participants are asked to download the Act & Regulations to their phone, tablet, e-reader, laptop or similar device ahead of time and bring it with them to class.  Paper copies of the Act and Regs will now be available in the classroom for reference only for those who do not have a device or prefer to use a book.We have consolidated the Sask Employment Act 2014, OHS Regularions 1996, WHIMS 2015 regs and Prime Contractor regs into a single document, which can be downloaded here:http://www.worksafesask.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/OHS-Legislation-190611.pdf
Level 2 Occupational Health Committee (OHC) Course is a course for OHC Co-Chairpersons and occupational health and safety representatives (Reps), although all OHC members would benefit from attending. By the end of this two day course, participants will know how to:

Plan and conduct an OHC workplace inspection
Identify and assess deficiencies during OHC workplace inspections
Identify and recommend corrective actions to address deficiencies found during OHC workplace inspections
Fulfill their regulatory requirement to investigate workplace accidents and dangerous occurrences
Collect and analyze evidence during an investigation
Identify and assess; direct, indirect and root causes of workplace accidents and dangerous occurrences
How to Identify and recommend corrective actions to prevent recurrence of workplace accidents and dangerous occurrences

Pre-requisite for attending this course is Level I Occupational Health Committee Training
A critical component of this course derives from attendance and active participation in class.  Attendees and employers must commit to full attendance, as missing class time due to late arrivals or absences during the session may result in an attendee being asked to withdraw and re-register in a future session.
* NOTE: Lunch is not provided.
**  The WCB collects your email address in order to confirm your registration and provide updates on this event

Level 2 Occupational Health Committee Training is also available online. To receive the equivalent of Level 2 Occupational Health Committee Classroom Training participants must successfully complete both the Workplace Inspection Online Training Course and the Workplace Incident Investigation Online Training Course.