20. Novembro 2019 - 19:30 até 21:30
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Business Analytics 360-Degree Special Workshop | Singapore Shopping Centre | Quarta, 20. Novembro 2019

Business Analytics 360-Degree Special Workshop
In this upcoming 2-hours special masterclass, you will appreciate the importance and relevance of analytics in your everyday life and work. You will get to understand the current trends, overarching concepts of analytics such as social network data, business intelligence, marketing, analytics frameworks and many more in this content packed session. 
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Special Workshop Reveals:

Real business case studies utilizing 360-degree Analytics to solve business problems in various job roles such as Human Resource, Finance, Logistics, Retail, Entrepreneurs, Social Media.

Actual demonstration on the technique of data visualization and the use of Tableau Public to create data visualizations and dashboards.

Predictive Analytics exercise to better understand and appreciate the use of predictive analysis in business and everyday work.

Social Media Analysis exercise and introduction of social media analytics tool, which is simple to understand and use immediately, free of charge.

Easy 6 Steps Analytics Framework to tackle any analytics project.

The skills roadmap of this valuable High-Income Skill to upskill yourself.

Who is Emmanual Tay?
Previously from the waste and recycling industry and currently an Exco Member of the Waste Management and Recycling Association of Singapore driving innovation and digital transformation. He is instrumental in driving the digital transformation of the industry by introducing Big Data Analytics in the work and process flow of companies operating in the industry.
Emmanual was invited to many events and dialogues as speaker speaking about using Big Data as a tool to enhance work processes, improving effectiveness and efficiency of the workforce through Data Analytics.
Why you need to understand Data Analytics?

Increasing demand and shortage of supply for analytics talents globally.

Singapore hiring is likely to see stable growth in 2019, with top jobs in demand to be analytical and data-driven in nature, according to the latest annual salary survey by recruitment firm Robert Walters.

In addition, sales and marketing professionals with big data, digital, e-commerce and transformation experience will be in increasing demand as companies continue their digitalization efforts.

According to the LinkedIn report, the top five emerging jobs in Singapore are data scientist, cyber security specialist, user experience designer, head of digital and content specialist. Jobs in data science grew at a rate of 17 times, from 2013 to 2017.

Techies are in such demand these days that students can command a full-time job while still grinding it out at university.

What many of our participants say.
“I am satisfied with my experience and managed to learn a lot. The instructor did a great job in imparting his knowledge to us. He is very detailed in explaining and the flow of class was just right. I would recommend this course to my friends.”
Jia Jun, NSF
“The trainer is good, and he teaches using a hands-on method rather than just theoretical and the training material is comprehensive. I will recommend this course to my friends.”
Yihuan, Engineer
“Although the course was fast paced, the trainer was helpful in guiding us through the content of the course.The course showed me what it takes to be a data analyst, and I am more appreciative of the skills learnt.”
Oliver Lan, Engineer
“The course was well taught. My trainer was very good and very knowledgeable.
The skills learnt in class were useful and I hope to find work as a data scientist after I graduate.”
Simon Teo, Student
“The staff and trainer were helpful and friendly, and the course itself taught me applicable and helpful skills. I would recommend this to my friends if they are interested in data analytics.”
Adrian Liew, Student
“Good trainer, staff and learning environment at Gen Infiniti. I learnt skills that would be applicable for my work and would continue to upskill myself with other topics as well. I’d also recommend the course to my friends and family.”
David Leong
“The trainer is very knowledgeable and well-prepared for the course. Even with zero prior knowledge, I was able to follow the lectures and lessons. I am interested in pursuing further, especially in the Data Analytics field, and will continue pursuing future courses here!”
Halina Bin Ismail, Corporate Services
“The content covered in this data analytics course was substantial, and the teaching method used by my trainer was alright. Thank you to Gen Infiniti for the learning experience!”
Ryan Lee, Pre-enlistee