27. Novembro 2019 - 10:00 até 13:00
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Soul Day for Leaders | Tardis | Quarta, 27. Novembro 2019

You are invited to come aside to a quiet place and to get some rest. Leaders need space away from those for whom we carry a responsibility, to restore and to renew, and to be disciples first ourselves.  
Leaders from small missional communities, schools and other projects are welcomed alongside those from local churches of all traditions. Examples would be: head teachers; ministers; people in similar positions of responsibility in other organisations or companies. We have been pleased to welcome participants from all denominations. If you are unsure if this session is appropriate then please contact us to check. We also run seperate Quiet Days for  people not in positions of leadership.
Our Soul Days are framed within the Hopeweaver Daily Office, and we offer simple space for rest, refreshment, recollection, to ponder, to be a disciple. Following lunch there is an opportunity to continue to use the space until 4pm if your schedule permits this.
Participants bring their own sandwiches and Hopeweavers provides 'Cuppa Soup',fruit and homemade cake so we can share fellowship together over lunch. If you would prefer a silent lunch this can easily be arranged. Hot drinks are available throughout the day. 
Our ministry at Hopeweavers relies on donations to help us to carry out our work. We do not have any external regular sources of income. We calculate it costs about £15 per head for each guest and we would be very grateful if you would prayerfully consider a donation of between £15 - £20 per person. If you are unable to contribute this amount, please leave what you are able. If you are unable to give at this time, that is fine as we would never want money to be a barrier to you attending our days. We can provide a receipt if you are able to claim expenses for your time here.