22. Dezembro 2019 - 8:00 até 16:00
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Pre-Provisional Rider Training Course 191222P | Fine Line Rider Training | Domingo, 22. Dezembro 2019

Please read all information carefully before booking your Pre-Provisional Course and Skills Test. In particular, read the Refunds Policy and your Eligibility To Do The Pre-Provisional Course and Skills Test.
About the Pre-Provisional course - One Day Course
You need to successfully complete the pre-provisional training course to progress from a learner rider licence to a P1 rider licence, if you live in an area where training is available (declared area).
The pre-provisional training course runs for 7 hours, and you need to provide your own motorcycle.
We do hire motorcycles for the Pre-Provisional Course and/or the Skills Test.
If you don't have your own Learner Approved Motorcycle, see details below about hiring one of ours on the day.
Note: Motor scooters or automatic motorcycles are not available for hire for the Pre-Provisional Course and/or Skills Test.
At the end of the course, you’ll undertake a practical riding test (the Motorcycle Operator Skill Test MOST) to assess your riding ability. If you pass, you’ll be issued a Certificate of Competence, valid for 3 months.
For more information about the Practical riding test go to the RMS webpage - 
Once you have your Certificate of Competence, you then go to a registry or service centre to apply for your P1 rider licence.
You’ll need to pay the course fee at the time of booking, so you'll need a credit card to book.
Changing your booking
You can change your booking only by canceling through Event Brite (the same place that you did your online booking) up to 7 days prior to your booking. Bookings cannot be changed or refunded after this 7 day window. To rebook on another date you will need to book into another course date.
On the day
Plan to arrive at the course location at least 20 minutes before the scheduled start time. (30 minutes before the scheduled time if you are hiring a motorcycle - see further details on hiring a motorcycle below).
If you arrive after the course has started, you will not be allowed to join the course. Course fees are not refundable in this situation.
You need to bring:
1. Your current learner rider licence
2. Your motorcycle. It must be registered and in roadworthy condition, with a current number plate and L plate    attached. You will not be allowed to complete the course if your motorcycle is not registered and roadworthy.
 You need to wear:

Jeans, leather or other sturdy pants
Boots or sturdy shoes that provide ankle protection
Long sleeved shirt and Long sleeved leather, denim or other sturdy long sleeved jacket
Approved helmet.
A hat and sunglasses.

Course fee refunds
There are no refunds in the following situations:

Lateness in attending the course
Proof of identity issues
Problems with mechanical (or other) fitness of the motorcycle
Delays caused by traffic or motor vehicle incidents
Bad weather conditions
Course not cancelled within 7 days of course booking
Not turning up for any reason

The Skills Test
This is included in your payment for the Pre-Provisional Course. You have one attempt at the Skills Test after completing your Pre-Provisional Course.
If you do not pass the Pre-Provisional Course, you will not be able to attempt the Skills Test and you will not be entitled to any refund on the payment you have made.
If you pass the Pre-Provisional Course, but fail the Skills Test, you will need to wait at least 24 hours before you can re-attempt a Skills Test.
To do another Skills Test, you will need to rebook a Skills Test for another day and pay the Skills Test Fee again.
For more information about the Practical riding test go to the RMS webpage - 
FOR HIRING OF BIKES FOR THE PRE-PROVISONAL COURSE OR SKILLS TEST - here are the details you will need to know:
1. Bookings are not needed to hire a bike
2. To hire a bike arrive at the training centre at least 20 minutes before the start of your course or test. Bikes are hired on a first come first serve basis.
3. Bike Hire Fees:  $60 for the skill test only (2:30pm t0 4:00pm). Please bring cash in the correct denomination, as EFT Pos facilities are not available in the Rider Training Centre
4. All students MUST hold a current NSW Learner Licence, EXCEPT for Skills Test only, which does not require an on road ride.  Bikes cannot be hired to unlicenced riders on Pre-Provisional courses as part of your course is an on road ride.. Skill test only can hire a bike without a licence.
5. Hire agreement must be signed. Students under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the hire agreement as the bike hirer.
6. The hirer must accept full responsibility for any damage that occurs to the bike, regardless of fault. This is a condition of hire.
7. For Pre-Provisional Course and Skills Test only - All students must supply ALL their own riding gear and clothing - helmet, gloves, jacket. boots, wet weather gear etc. We DO NOT hire out or loan this gear.
8. Bikes CANNOT be hired out to anyone once the course or test commences.

We do carry out Private Tuition for those riders who want to increase their riding skills or do refresher type tuition.
You can do Private Tuition before your Pre-Provisional Course to increase your skill level for the course and/or Skills Test. You can book on line for private tuition. Just look for "Private Tuition".
Private Tuition Fees
On Your own bike - $90 per hour one on one tuition
On our bike - $120 per hour one on one tuition
Eligibility To Do The Pre-Provisional Course and Skills Test
If you don't meet the requirements below, and don't answer yes to every question listed, you should not continue booking your Pre-Provisional course and Skills Test online. Call: 13 22 13 or see the RMS or your Services NSW Center.
If you continue with this booking and you are not eligible to do the Pre-Provisional Course and/or your Skills Test, YOU WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO A REFUND.
You MUST declare the following
I am the holder of a current Learner Rider Licence, which I will produce as Proof of Identity at my training course.
Additional Privacy Policy
We may disclose your Personal information to Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to advise RMS that you have undertaken rider training and testing and our observations and outcomes. RMS may use and disclose that personal information in connection with driver licencing and road safety purposes.
I agree with this statement. (This question must be answered Yes in the questions on your booking form to continue with your On Line Booking). If you answer Yes, you are agreeing that you meet all of the requirements listed. If you continue with your booking and on the day of the course you do not meet these requirements, you will not be able to complete your Pre Provisional Course and Skills Test and YOU WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO A REFUND