18. Janeiro 2020 - 9:00 até 11:00
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Body Rolling 101 | Watertown Center For Healing Arts | Sábado, 18. Janeiro 2020

Restrictions in the body can lead to overuse injuries, poor posture and chronic pain in active people.  This small group training is designed for recreational athletes, “weekend warriors” and those that want to learn body balancing techniques for injury prevention, performance and well-being.  It’s the perfect way to keep you doing the sports/activities you love to do-even better!
Using a 6-10 inch ball and the weight of your own body to free up common areas of tightness in the body, a series of rolling out sequences is blended with restorative exercises to align the body, develop true body control and help carry over that  total body alignment into your day.
All of this is done with the healing effects of essential oils diffused into the air to balance mind, body and spirit.  The end result is you feeling fabulous, functional and free.  It’s like a deep tissue massage you give yourself! 
******/yoga mats are provided